On May 25, an exceptional symposium will be held at the Tel-Aviv Museum, where an Israeli film called “Do not Forget Me” will be screened at a pre-premiere screening after which a series of lectures will follow. The film is an Israeli-French-German co-production directed by Ram Nahari, and based on a script by Nitai Gvirtz. The film has recently won the best film award, the best actor award (Nitai Gvirtz) and the best actress award (Moon Shavit) at the Turin Film Festival. The initiators and producers of this symposium are Mr. Ziv Rubinstein, a member of the TAFSAN association – a psychoanalytic center for youth which operates in the orientation of Jacques Lacan – and Dr. Yaron Gilat, a psychiatrist, director of the adult clinic in the Yehuda Abarbanel mental health center near Tel-Aviv. All the income from this symposium will be dedicated to the welfare of the patients at the Yehuda Abarbanel mental health center. “We find the film both charming and disturbing”, say Rubinstein and Gilat, “it is both fascinating and painful, and beyond all, it arouses feelings and provokes thoughts. it is made in a qualitative manner in terms of direction, script and photography, and it captures, in our opinion, a poignant truth about what is mad in the world, and how madness resides more outside the walls of the psychiatric hospital than within it”. The film tells the story of two young people, a young gifted musician suffering from a mental illness, and a girl hospitalized in the eating disorders unit, who meet at random and embark on a magical and painful night journey, in which they tie a unique bond, exposing the fragility of the soul, the family drama and the indifference of the world.
As mentioned, this thought-provoking, intelligent and moving cinematic work, will serve as a platform for a day of study that will attempt to delve deeper into the movements, maneuvers and conscious and unconscious trajectories in this film-work in particular, but also in the human experience as a whole. This day of study will be consisted of a series of lectures in psychoanalysis and art, including a lecturer invited to the event from France – Dr. Gerared Amiel. Dr. Amiel is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst of the Association Lacanienne international (ALI) for 20 years, former President of the Association and is currently the editor of a new journal of psychoanalysis Les Feuilts Psychoanalytiques. Among the Israeli lecturers, Mr. Gabriel Dahan is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, member of the new Lacanian School (NLS) and The Israeli Society for Psychoanalysis in the New Lacanian School (GIEP-NLS), former president of the GIEP-NLS, lecturer, writer of many articles and founder of Tafsan. Mr. Amnon Eyal is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst from the Psychoanalytic Institute in Jerusalem (affiliated to the IPA), and a teacher at the Winnicott Center in Israel, which is dedicated to the study and the investigation of the independent Winnicottian thinking in psychoanalysis and affiliated with the Winnicott International Association. And finally, last but not least, Dr. Ronit Milano from the Department of the Arts in Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Her doctoral research examined the rhetoric and politics of the portrait bust in eighteenth-century France.

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