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Pain and Jouissance

By | November 21st, 2020|LRO 259|

Freud distinguished between two basic experiences of the psychic apparatus: one is the experience of satisfaction (1905;1920), and the second is of pain (1895). In his Project for a Scientific Psychology (1895), Freud identified the phenomenon of pain as one that comes along with a biological-physical process that has reached the limit of its efficiency. [...]

From Galileo to DNA Barcodes in Food Products

By | November 14th, 2020|LRO 257|

In an article in Science, researchers developed a system whereby artificially created DNA barcodes can be dispersed in environmental objects, including food products.[1] This practice is starting to be used in food safety, for example by allowing the natural origin of a food product to be identified. As a researcher in the Swiss newscast put [...]

Feminine Masochism, a Male Fantasy

By | November 7th, 2020|LRO 255|

Feminine masochism is an issue that has often been addressed. It will not be my point. But there is an incidental remark in the comments that Lacan makes on several occasions and which has caught my attention: feminine masochism is a fantasy of masculine desire. This affirmation by Lacan covers a double thesis: first, what [...]

COVID Sadness: The New Sorrow

By | November 4th, 2020|LRO 254|

It’s been almost a year since it all started. We have experienced strangeness, fear and anguish, anger, love, solidarity and grief. Now, at the beginning of autumn – and without the summer light – sadness strongly emerges. Its signs are clear: silence between friends, without the bustle of WhatsApp groups or face-to-face encounters; exhaustion and [...]

Variations on the Concept of School (Waiting for the Re-encounter)

By | October 28th, 2020|LRO 252|

The School: Woman, Subject, of the Cartel, Symptom, Knowledge, Knot, Cause, Refuge, Work in Progress, of the Pass… The predicates multiply themselves, constituting a sufficiently Borgesean labyrinth that invites one to lose oneself in what Lacan skillfully called a set of ill-assorted oddments [1]. Each of these terms (the list is incomplete) makes up a [...]


By | October 24th, 2020|LRO 251|

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people disappear without trace. In police stations around the world there are lists of people who have been reported missing and who will never be found. The causes are very varied. Some are supposedly dead by suicide or murder, but their bodies have not been found. Others are victims [...]