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Interpreting the US Presidential Race as a Symptom

By | October 16th, 2020|LRO 249|

On September 26th, 1960, the first televised presidential debate in the history of the United States was held. It was between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. For the first time in history, the candidates of the world's leading power adapted their language to the codes of television in front of 70 million viewers. The [...]

The Real Presence and Slipperiness of the Body

By | October 11th, 2020|LRO 248|

During confinement, we experienced absent bodies from a distance. We experienced that the notions of proximity, distance, and border between self and other were insufficient to account for presence. Near, far, social distancing, blurring (an English term to designate the absence of a border between the private and the professional), FOMO (fear of missing out) [...]

The Hands of Freud

By | September 27th, 2020|LRO 246|

An elaboration on the essay by Jeannne Wolff Bernstein, “The Spanish Flu, Covid-19 and Sigmund Freud – What can we learn from history?”(1) There is the real of the virus, an element that is at once dangerous and abstract, its nature as something unknown, untranslatable. But acknowledging this is to already have begun to overcome [...]

Memories of Sex

By | September 23rd, 2020|LRO 245|

If God exists, he certainly invented sex to torment us. But then again, he was the first to be bothered: Zeus did nothing other than to cast a spell on ravishing mortals, and after him, Christ chose to be admired for eternity in a most dubious costume. His sexuality is now proven even though he clearly preferred [...]

Tech-no-me, tech-to-me

By | September 12th, 2020|LRO 243|

15.06.20   Before the pandemic and the closure of schools, I was clinically working with 4 to 12 year-old children mostly at their school environment. After the government’s decision to close the educational establishments, I saw myself obliged to begin online therapy sessions using electronic devices. Lacanian psychoanalysis implies the use of the body of [...]

The affair of the “Carrion” in Jacques Lacan’s Seminar XVII

By | September 9th, 2020|LRO 242|

The word "carrion" rings a bell when you are French. That is precisely what happened while I was listening to the London Society of the NLS Online Reading[i] of Jacques Lacan’s Seminar XVII[ii], Chapter 12, by Despina Andropoulou. Introducing the event, Roger Litten points out that instead of  achieving a full comprehension of the Seminar, as we may [...]