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The Body Marked by Language [1]

By | May 8th, 2021|LRO 294|

In his last Seminar, The Moment to Conclude, Lacan says the following: "The Symbolic is language: we learn to speak and it leaves traces […], consequences that are nothing other than the sinthome and analysis consists […] in realising why we have these sinthomes […][2]" That is to say, language has an effect on the body, marking it with traces that impede the [...]

Docile to Trans

By | May 5th, 2021|LRO 293|

Image credit: Hermaphrodite endormi, resting on a mattress specially sculpted by Bernini. Roman work discovered in 1608, life-size marble, Louvre Museum. The storm has broken. The trans crisis is upon us. Trans people are in a trance (let's get that one out of the way, it was to be expected) while among the psy community, [...]

The Signifier, the Letter, and the Body: Changing Perspective in Hysteria

By | May 1st, 2021|LRO 292|

The Other is needed to construct a body, for a body is not something that we can take for granted. Freud’s hysterics ‘have a body’, which transmits a message from an other to the other, they transport also the other’s symptom; we can say with Miller and Laurent that in such cases a symptom is [...]

Éric Marty and Jacques-Alain Miller – Interview on “The Sex of Moderns”[1]

By | April 28th, 2021|LRO 291|

Sunday 21 March, 2021   Jacques-Alain Miller: My dear Éric Marty, I thought I would start with a little ‘speech’ [in English in the original]. Your book, I received it last Wednesday with a dedication that I could not decipher, I leafed through it for twenty minutes, and I thought of Marx's sentence in The [...]


By | April 21st, 2021|LRO 289|

Violence is part of our contemporary world and the classifications with which crimes are named are expanding and diversifying. Crimes transcend gender, race, and age, but some take on the particularity of targeting a specific population. Is it possible to argue that the crimes of women and men are symmetrical in terms of their subjective [...]

Practice Among Many – A Dam for Jouissance (1)

By | April 17th, 2021|LRO 288|

In relation to the psychotic subject, practice among many (La pratique à plusieurs) may initiate three effects (2, 3). First, generate a division, as the one we speak of when we speak of the divided subject. Second, create a knot, in the sinthomatic sense. And third, the topic of the current text, construct a threshold, [...]

Transference of Work is the Orientation

By | April 14th, 2021|LRO 287|

I start with an observation in order to formulate a hypothesis: there is a red thread running from end to end through a series of texts, courses and interventions by Jacques-Alain Miller, a thread that can be traced from at least 1982, with Clinic Under Transference, up to May 2017 with Freudian Field Year Zero [...]

Preface to Jacques-Alain Miller’s Book “Political Controversy”

By | April 10th, 2021|LRO 286|

The texts collected in this volume stem from the period of time between the beginning of March and the end of June 2017. These were four vertiginous months that started with what Jacques-Alain Miller described as his "moment of seeing": the possibility of a victory in the French presidential elections - which were to be [...]

Reading of Thomas Svolos’ “The Aims of Analysis”

By | April 7th, 2021|LRO 285|

The Aims of Analysis: Miami Seminar on the Late Lacan, a book by Thomas Svolos published by Midden Press, represents a doubly auspicious moment: the Lacanian Compass, in the US, has its own publishing house, and this book is the first to be published there, in 2020. The Aims of Analysis is based on a [...]