In difficult circumstances such as our current one, the unconscious, which does not know viruses or time, persists and insists. What to do with one’s analysis, when “virtual” analysis doesn’t cut the mustard?

The text of a dream: I look down and on my feet are a pair of green boots, on the right foot is the correct right side boot but on the left foot there is also a right side boot. “This shoes des-père in all its impossibility”, I write as such to the analyst. Followed by a P.S. “eschewing dis-pair” I receive a reply, two words: “c’est ça”.

In the beginning, after many sessions where the analyst was mostly silent, in a moment of pique I said “well if that’s it so, I’m going to leave” and as I began to get up from the armchair where I was seated, the analyst roared at me: “SIT DOWN” and in that moment I experienced a deflation in line with a despair towards any act, a despair that was long experienced as symptomatic by me. I sat back in the chair.

The interpretation, which touched the body, deflated a certain egoic aspect of my defense against the real, it relates to my symptom and it was an interpretation which influenced the relation between symptom, as writing on the body and the inertia which I regularly experienced in relation to my desire to create.

Analysis and the sessions subsequently became an other sort of staying and creating where an identification to the Father, which had been an impediment to any act in relation to desire over jouissance, in due course, was dissipated, and that is why I’m able to write this short text, for you, the other, today.