That the lawless real is what every subject is working both in and out of – in this speeded-up time which is sweeping away rhythms and scansions – is the figure which concerns everyone, today more than ever.

Every instant which passes, and which changes with a rapidity perhaps never lived through in Italy in previous decades, makes “something new of it”. It is giving and it will give to the analysts of the Freudian field a new perspective. In every School, in our SLP, in the School One, a cut will be given, a different punctuation: at the clinical, political and epistemic levels a new perspective will be given.

For each of our seven Schools, for the activities in the Freudian field, there will be a calendar update, not alone, not without effects. It will have the effect of the cut.

In this very perturbed time, desire, the breath of desire, is fighting its own harsh battle.

The time of waiting: desire is working now with precarious solutions, with presences which are lacking, with its own particular lack, taking on its own singular material with a not-all silence.

While I am writing these lines for the editorial, a mad man is passing below my house: he is coming back from shopping, the only outing allowed under the surveillance of the Forces of order, who ask us not to do it daily, and who check that we are doing it in the supermarket nearest to own home. He shouts repeatedly into the megaphone he carries “The poor have no roof, the poor are homeless! Assassins! thieves!

In this moment the unspeakable real carries with it its burden for everyone.

The lawless real will be the subtitle to Rete Lacan, the online a-periodical of the SLPcf, already up to its fourth issue.

In it are texts in Italian translation, starting with one by Éric Laurent, which are gradually appearing in the journals and blogs of the Freudian Field: epistemic compasses which can orientate cuts, contributions for Rete Lacan, each one original, each one under consideration by the work of the School, which today, more than ever, needs to wake up from the dream – and waking up is not easy – resonating in every subject!



Rimini – 26/03/2020

Translated by Pauline O’Callaghan