Right To Your Left And Left To Your Right – The Need For A New Shaking

By | August 31st, 2018|LRO 85|

There is a surprising paradox in the political life of post-communist societies. Surprising to traditional political values. The totalitarian communist parties in our countries have become socialist by name and conservative by stand. In the revolutionary process of transformation from a one-party state to a multi-party system, from a state-owned economy to a market economy, [...]

US Blues – The Infernal Machine

By | November 13th, 2015|LRO 08|

In the 1960's, the Federal government entered the health care industry with the development of Medicare (insurance for the elderly and disabled) and Medicaid, a federal-state collaboration to help insure the needy. Initially rejected by physicians, the steady revenue stream from the federally insured patients helped support the rise of American physician incomes to the [...]

David Cameron and the Joy of Tax

By | October 23rd, 2015|LRO 05|

The issue of tax, then, and Corbyn’s promise to tax the rich, was high on the agenda. Alluding to Labour’s decision to seek the advice of various economists like Thomas Piketty, Joseph Stiglitz and others, Cameron ridiculed the choice of Richard Murphy, author of the book The Joy of Tax. The Prime Minister gleefully claimed [...]