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CRISPR – Cas 9: When Advancements in Genetics Lead to a surge of Anxiety

By | February 6th, 2016|LRO 19|

Bearing witness to this is what happened recently with the CRISPR-cas9, a new tool of genetic engineering that can cut DNA, and by so doing render certain genes inactive, modify mutated DNA fragments, or introduce new sequences in targeted regions of the genome. So, it is a system that takes its place in the arsenal [...]

US Blues #2 The Employed Physician – Three moments

By | January 30th, 2016|LRO 18|

This ideal certainly was also a representation of the reality for some (or many) physicians in the United States well into the 20th century. And one may say that it represents something of an artisanal or pre-capitalist (with regard to the physician) production model, in that the physicians retained control over the means of production [...]

The Sinthome Score

By | January 23rd, 2016|LRO 17|

We often suppose that an artwork has a meaning - that it carries a knowledge for the question we bring to it, and most particularly when such knowledge is withheld the audience makes knowledge, imputing the artwork as its cause. Psychoanalysis has long sought for art to produce new knowledge of civilisation, in advance of [...]

Do You Believe in Father Christmas

By | January 23rd, 2016|LRO 17|

Paradoxically, the study was funded by the Christian-based John Templeton Foundation, which intended to demonstrate that religion reinforces “pro-social behaviour.” Known for its conservative and libertarian stances, the Foundation is regularly accused of only funding research that serves it purposes. Clearly here the researchers did not feel obliged to pander to the interests of their [...]

Angels in America, of Flesh and Blood

By | January 16th, 2016|LRO 16|

Deug Doen Group, a company directed by Aurélie Van Den Daele, recently staged Angels in America by playwright T. Kushner. This saga about the coming of AIDS in 1985 shows desperate characters with refined imaginary worlds occupied by the ghost of Ethel Rosenberg and a female Angel that we wanted to be wingless. The actress [...]

10,000 New Yorkers Under the Magnifying Glass

By | January 16th, 2016|LRO 16|

It short, it is about collecting vast amounts of information and only constructing hypotheses about them afterwards. It is difficult to imagine the quasi-monstrous quantity of data to be analysed, over twenty years, classed, sorted, and above all understood. How can sense be extracted from this multitude of parameters, the separate parts [pièces détachées] of [...]


By | January 8th, 2016|LRO 15|

This memory of Jacob Freud's, which he tells his young son Sigmund, triggered off revenge fantasies in the latter. In Psychopathology of Everyday Life, Freud explains how he developed an identification with Hannibal, whose sole driving force was vengeance on Rome from conquering Carthage. In The Interpretation of Dreams, there is a slip in which [...]

Addiction to Sex

By | January 8th, 2016|LRO 15|

The story of Shame could be analyzed from many different perspectives, but it is doubtful that nominalism lovers will draw any conclusions from the “Brandon case.” This is because Brandon is not only addicted to live and in person sex, but he also is a man loaded with consumer goods that range from television to [...]