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Make Man Great Again: A Cunning Motto That Won’t Happen

By | February 19th, 2020|LRO 210|

Beyond their differences, the discourses of feminism have provided an alternative basis for how to be a woman. They promoted a series of narrative constructions capable of transforming the lack of a feminine essence into a spectrum of possibilities. Women have converted their universal solidarity into a force that is not now going to recede. [...]


By | February 12th, 2020|LRO 209|

Parasite evokes two immediate psychoanalytic references. First, as Lacan articulated, language is a parasite for all speaking beings. Language inhabits us; we are infected with language before birth; and this parasite continues to worm its way through our bodies leaving traces and sometimes eruptions of jouissance. Language enjoys our bodies, and we also enjoy it. [...]

Father don’t you see we’re burning?

By | February 8th, 2020|LRO 208|

The start of the new year has seen the world flooded with images of the disastrous Australian bushfires distributed by the media all over the world. These scenes have evoked an equal measure of panic and philanthropy from as far away as Poland. The ‘Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity’ fundraiser, usually dedicated to health care [...]

The Ephemeral Hero

By | January 25th, 2020|LRO 204|

In our world today – determined by the market, science and technology – the signifier ‘hero’ as an emblematic figure of the financialized managerial discourse questions the difference between the common man and the hero. From the function of the mythical hero to that of the ephemeral hero promoted by cybernetics, [1] Lacan provides us [...]

The Choice of Psychoanalysis (*)

By | January 22nd, 2020|LRO 203|

“Since the beginning, religion has been all about giving meaning to things that previously were natural. It is not because things are going to become less natural, thanks to the real, that people will stop secreting meaning for all that. Religion is going to give meaning to the oddest experiments, the very ones that scientists [...]

Burnt Out

By | January 15th, 2020|LRO 202|

If you have paid attention even slightly to international news in recent weeks, you may be aware of a series of catastrophic bush fires in Australia. Images from the fires have done much to depict the horror of the situation, but some statistical supplementation adds to the context. So far, at least 28 people have [...]