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The Lacanian Reviews is a blogsite hosting two publications. The first, LRO (the Lacanian Review Online) is a newsletter that is published every Friday. The second, TLR (The Lacanian Review), is a printed publication following in Hurly Burly’s footsteps.

Both LRO and TLR are aimed at those who are interested in Jacques Lacan’s teachings. Both publications will be broadcasting the advances of ongoing research in the «Orientation lacanienne» with Jacques-Alain Miller.

Their field of investigation is the one Jacques Lacan defined for psychoanalysis: bearing in mind the structure of language (the language we speak in everyday life and which is the unconscious), we will be singling out and lending due weight both to the singular speech and words that shape discourse and to the modes of satisfaction they promote. This compass leads us to the fields of clinic and culture alike, culture having become a Babel of worldwide dimension whose master signifiers spread across the globe with a new velocity.

We aim at following the unconscious, which is structured the way English –a language of many dialects- is: the decipherable unconscious and real unconscious alike. In order for this to be possible, a general conversation is necessary; a conversation that might raise misunderstanding to the rank of knowledge. This blogsite, together with LRO and TLR, will host this conversation. It remains open to all intellectual fields.
LRO and TLR are publications of the New Lacanian School and the World Association of Psychoanalysis.

Editorial board

Florencia Shanahan – Editor France Jaigu
Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff Luc Garcia
 Roger Litten  Janet Haney


Jorge Assef
Russell Grigg
Kate Briggs
David Ferraro
Gerhard Reichsthaler
Bilyana Mechkunova
Evgeni Genchev
Ines Anderson
Françoise Stark-Mornington
Marina Frangiadaki
Caroline Heanue
Raphael Montague
Claudia Iddan
Khalil Sbeit
François Ansermet
Lynn Gaillard
United Kingdom
Alasdair Duncan Alan Rowan
Véronique Voruz Scott Wilson
Bogdan Wolf Colin Wright
Thomas Harding  Philip Dravers
Peggy Papada
Maria Cristina Aguirre Robert Buck
Nancy Gillespie Tim Lachin
Alexandre Leupin Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff
Alicia Arenas Juan felipe Arango
Thomas Svolos
Gustavo Dessal
Howard Rouse

Consulting editors

Jacques-Alain Miller ja.miller@orange.fr
Angelina Harari angelina.harari@terra.com.br

Scientific Committee

Christiane Alberti alberti2@wanadoo.fr
François Ansermet Francois.Ansermet@hcuge.ch
Jean-Daniel Matet matet@wanadoo.fr
Véronique Voruz verovoruz@me.com
Russell Grigg ragrigg@gmail.com
Maire Jaanus mjaanus@barnard.edu
Éric Laurent laurent.eric4@wanadoo.fr
Daniel Roy roy.etenot@gmail.com
Maria Cristina Aguirre maria.cristinaaguirre@gmail.com
Gérard Wajcman wajcman@wanadoo.fr
Pascale Fari p.fari@orange.fr
Bernard Seynhaeve seynhaeve.bernard@gmail.com
Laura Sokolovsky laura.sokolowsky@gmail.com
Pamela King pamelaking13@gmail.com

Editorial Committee

Editor In Chief: Marie-Hélène Brousse
Managing Editor: Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff
Deputy Managing Editors: Nancy Gillespie, Azeen Khan
Guest Editor: Florencia Shanahan
Translation and Reference Coordinator: Samya Seth
Communications: Jeff Erbe

Section Editors

Freud & Lacan: Laura Sokolowsky
Jacques-Alain Miller: Pascale Fari
Dialogues: Azeen Khan, Nancy Gillespie
Arts & Fictions: Robert Buck, Jorge Assef
Politics: Gary Marshall, Isolda Alvarez
NLS Congress: Roger Litten, Pamela King

Editorial Advisory Board

Abelhauser, Alain alain.abelhauser@uhb.fr
Ansermet, François Francois.Ansermet@chuv.ch
Assef, Jorge jorgepabloassef@hotmail.com
Ayerza, Josefina lacink@lacan.com
Biswas, Santanu Santanu6@gmail.com
Broughton, John jmb61@columbia.edu
Caldas, Heloisa helocaldas@terra.com.br
Copjec, Joan joan_copjec@brown.edu
Dean, Tim tjdean@buffalo.edu
Grigg, Russell ragrigg@gmail.com
Grootenboer, Hanneke hanneke.grootenboer@rsa.ox.ac.uk
Guéguen, Pierre-Gilles pggueguen@orange.fr
Hamilton, Ross rhamilton@barnard.edu
Jaanus, Maire mjaanus@barnard.edu
Kiarina, Kordela kordela@macalester.edu
Leupin, Alexandre alexandreleupin@hotmail.com
Marret, Sophie marret.sophie@wanadoo.fr
Ragland, Ellie raglande@missouri.edu
Salecl, Renata r.salecl@lse.ac.uk
Sauvagnat, François francois.sauvagnat@uhb.fr
Soleim, Kjell Kjell.Soleim@skok.uib.no
Shepherdson, Charles shepherd@albany.edu
Staten, Henry hstaten@u.washington.edu
Stewart, Elizabeth estewart@yu.edu
Svolos, Thomas tsvolos@radiks.net
Vanheule, Stijn Stijn.Vanheule@UGent.be
Wülfing, Natalie nwulfing@blueyonder.co.uk

NLS and WAP Correspondents

Bulgaria: Evgeni Genchev evgen4ev@gmail.com
Russia: M. Strakhov mstrakhov@gmail.com
Poland: B. Kowalow bkowalow@onet.pl
Ireland: Joanne Conway conwayjo@gmail.com
United Kingdom: Scott Wilson S.Wilson@kingston.ac.uk
United Kingdom: Véronique Voruz V.Voruz@kingston.ac.uk
USA: Maria-Cristina Aguirre maria.cristinaaguirre@gmail.com
Switzerland: René Raggenbass rene.raggenbass@hin.ch
Flanders: Nathalie Laceur laceur.nathalie@gmail.com
Israel: Sharon Zvili shzvili@gmail.com
Denmark: Rene Rasmussen reneras@hum.ku.dk
Canada: Anne Béraud anne.beraud@pontfreudien.org
Greece: Argyris Tsakos tsakosa@otenet.gr
Spain: Neus Carbonell ncarbonelli@uoc.edu
Submissions to be sent to Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff: cyrus.saint@gmail.com

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